Treasure Fleet - The Epic Voyage of Zheng He


The makers of ‘Marco Polo – the China Mystery Revealed’ are now proud to announce the releaseof this compelling story as a two-hour special: "THE EPIC VOYAGE OF ZHENG HE"

From the breathtaking opening shots of the African Swahili coast, this film is cinematic celebrationof timeless beauty. Medieval Yemeni hilltop towns, ancient martial arts portrayed with balleticartistry, brutal religious piercings and the incomparable majesty of Perahera, all contribute to apallet of rarely equaled cultural diversity.

From the eerie castration of the young hero to his final faltering steps in the Forbidden City andhis enemies close in like vultures around carrion, the historical recreations about life of ZhengHe’s are executed with the grandeur and distance of a renaissance painting. They evoke the powerof Ming dynasty China rather than spoil the illusion by getting too close.

In tracing the voyages of the great fleet and is enigmatic leader ‘Ghost Fleet’ (released by NationalGeographic Channel as ‘Treasure Fleet’) brings the past alive through its observant narrator MikeYamashita, and brings the documentary film into the realm of the epic feature.Through Mike’s eyes we learn of the legacy left behind by this extraordinary man and glimpse anera in Chinese history that promised so much and left so little.

Ming China had half the world inits grasp and the other half within easy reach, but something happened that suddenly broughtthis great era to an end. This film unravels the mystery of the vanishing fleet and the consequencesof these colossal turn of events.Ghost Fleet was filmed on location in 13 countries from the famous spice island of Zanzibar, to the Subcontinent and across the Indian Ocean to South East Asia and of course China itself.