The Visitor


George is a young boy with great promise, but since the accidental death of his mother in a car accident, a rift has grown between him and his father.

Set on a grim wintry night in their Yorkshire farmhouse, 'The Visitor' tells of events that unfold when George is left alone with his brother. What starts as an ordinary evening turns into a matter of life and death when George disobeys his father and answers the door to a woman who says she's been in a car accident.

By following his instincts and the visitor, George discovers something no one expected, and perhaps only he can comprehend.

With dark shades of the Greek myth 'Orpheus and the Underworld', this is a taught suspense set against pragmatic Yorkshire sensibility.

Format: 35mm.
Running time: approximately 15 minutes.
Writer/Director: Jonathan Finnigan
Starring Patrick Baladi. (imdb)