In Development

An exciting new six part documentary series that takes you on the culinary journey of a lifetime. We travel to some of the most remote
and exotic parts of China to uncover the cultures and cuisines of some of the most little understood minority people in the world.

Production: 2012

Set in East London, this is a psychological thriller about a policewoman who investigates the unsolved case of an abducted girl. As the investigation unfolds some very unexpected and disturbing things start to happen. This is an intelligent and gripping story that
investigates the effects of psychological trauma.

Producer Shaheen Schleifer, Bluebeard Pictures in London
Production: Early 2012

Based on the incredible true story of eccentric British scientist, Joseph Needham. Set in World War Two this is an epic tale of the man
who discovered the great inventions of the Chinese and rewrote the history books.

Production: 2013