Marco Polo - The china mystery revealed


A major film production commissioned by National Geographic.

MARCO POLO The China Mystery Revealed

700 years ago a young Venetian set out on what was to become one of the most influential journeys ever made. His adventures took him well beyond the boundaries of the known world of Persia to a land that was almost completely unexplored - the mysterious Middle Kingdom.

But ever since he returned there were those who doubted Marco Polo. Did he really see what he described in his legendary book, 'Description of the World' or did he merely describe what others told him.

In this film Mike Yamashita follows Marco's book from the lofty heights of the Pamir Mountains to the fabled city of Xanadu in Mongolia. In so doing he attempts to unravel some of the age old mystery: Did Marco Polo really go to China?

Production began in Italy in June 2003; 6 days in Venice and 2 days in Genoa.Principal photography in China took 35 days and covered over 3,000 km.